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Developed in House, Apar Anushakti Wires with Speciality developed PVC Compounds. Protection against Electric Shock/Short Circuit, High Oxygen & Temperature Index for Fire Retardancy, Wires can easily take long term overload of >40%, Insulation does not melt in contact with hot object, non softening, infusible and non dripping, High Insulation Resistance, Self Extinguishing and do not catch fire, better ageing properties and longer life.

Apar Anushakti Wires manufactured under Electron Beam Irradiation process. In this process wires passes through High Energy Electrons for crosslinking the Polymers which improves Electrical and Mechanical properties of the wires/cables. This crosslinking significantly improves Thermal, Mechanical and Chemical properties of the polymer. This process is carried out on normal room temperature unlike in the conventional chemical curing where cables are subjected to high temperature due to which polymer gets degraded. Hence, life of the cables gets reduced when polymers gets cured at high temperature.

Apar Anushakti wires and cables offers superior performance in demanding application and in extreme environments。 Some of the improved properties are given below:-

  • High oxygen & Temperature index for improved fire retardancy self extinguishing and does not catch fire on its own.
  • Non-softening, Infusible and non-dripping under overload and short circuit conditions to prevent short circuit thus make you safe from resultant fires.
  • High Insulation Resistance, thus avoids any electric shocks
  • Rugged mechanical properties - superior abrasion, cut through & crush resistance
  • Better ageing property thus longer life of wires
  • The insulation does not easily melt while in contact with hot object
  • The wires can easily take long term overload of over 30%.
  • This is environment friendly
  • Reduced smoke, toxity and can withstand 105 Deg.C/120 Deg.C

These Wires and specially made for Fire Alarm Systems, Panel Wiring, Metros, Airports, Shopping Malls, Commercial Complexes, Airports, Hospitals, High Rise Buildings, Public Places, CCTV cameras etc.

  • Anushakti Mahashakti Catalogue
  • Panel Unicab Wires
  • Single core flexibles (FR/ FR-LSH/ ZHLS) - Unicab
  • Single core flexibles (FR/ FR-LSH/ ZHLS)with electron beam irradiation - Apar Anushakti
  • Multiple core flexibles (FR/ FR-LSH/ ZHLS) - Unicab
  • Multiple core flexibles (FR/ FR-LSH/ ZHLS) with electron beam irradiation - Apar Mahashakti
  • Three core flat cables - Unicab
  • Three core flat cables with electron beam irradiation - Apar Mahashakti

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