Applications of Electron Beam (EB) Technology

There are several applications where the Electron Beam Technology can be deployed. At Apar, the suitable handling systems have been installed to use the facility for following products. Further identification of applications are being explored.

EB cross-linking of wire & cables: The benefits & advantages of EB cross-linking of wire & cables are well established and it is the most important commercial application of radiation technology. EPR/EPDM based formulations that can be cross-linked using EB accelerator have been developed to meet the customer specifications particularly for Railways, Ship wiring, Wind Mill cables, Solar PV cables and Building wires.

Heat shrinkable products: This is another important application for production of heat shrinkable products based on shape memory effect. These include cable termination, Bus Bar sleeves, Wrap around, Cable end caps, Breakouts and other moulded components.

Rubber sheets and moulded products: The rubber gaskets, rubber sheets, moulded rubber components can be cross-linked to achieve significantly improved mechanical properties without any deformation。

Colour enhancement of precious stones: The EB technology is widely being used in several countries including in India to enhance the colour of precious gem stones like diamonds and topaz. EB irradiation service for diamond coloration as an intermediate process is offered on a commercial basis.

EB cross-linking of polyethylene ‘O’ rings: The normal grade of PE cannot withstand operating temperature beyond 70°C unless these O-Rings are cured under Electron Beam for applications requiring dimensional stability under higher operating temperature.

Medical Sterlization: EB technology is known globally for being the best method for sterilization (compared to Ethylene Oxide treatment) of various medical products like Stents, Dental implants, Lenses etc.

Degradation of Poly tetra flouro- ethylene (PTFE): It is almost impossible to treat the PTFE。 According to market reports, Every year more than 20000 MT of PTFE Hard stock shavings is generated which needs to be recycled, else its disposal is a major cause of concern。 PTFE can be degraded under Electron Beam and thereafter grinded to fine powder。 Fine Powder and Micro-fine powder can be obtained to use as industrial lubricants & coatings as well as for mixing with virgin grade to produce moulded components。

E-Beam Irradiated

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