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Corporate Social Responsibility

k8体育,k8体育官网,k8体育平台The late Shri Dharmsinh D. Desai laid the foundation of the Apar Group. A staunch believer in Gandhian principles, patience and perseverance, he fostered the principal of trusteeship which dictates that all existence was created by God with humanity assuming the role of trustees. Apar took forward this philosophy and implemented it in the realm of social welfare achieved through the provision of healthcare-related educational and nutritional facilities for the masses.


Apar provides free education across schools and universities irrespective of cast, religion, gender and creed with a keen emphasis on the empowerment of women. The Company reported a significant achievement in this regarding Western India (Tardeo in mUmbai, Anand and Nadiad in Gujarat as well as in the tribal areas of the Dang forest).

Some institutions where such initiatives were carried out include Technical High School and Boys High School at Nadiad, as well as the Dharmsinh Desai University set up in Nadiad, which provides education in technical and other areas (diploma and degree courses) to more than 6,000 students annually at a nominal cost. The university upgraded its engineering courses in line with IIT Powai and its business management courses in line with IIM Ahmadabad. It also has the provision for bachelor’s and master’s degree from a well-known state-of-the-art dentistry and pharmacy college. It also has taken steps to start a faculty of medical sciences so as to initiate an MBBS programme


Dharmsinh Desai Methodist Memorial Heart Hospital:k8体育,k8体育官网,k8体育平台 This state-of-the art hospital was established in 1996 through a 50:50 joint venture with Christian Medical college, Vellore (Tamil Nadu). Over the years, the institute has benefited 1,00,000 patients mainly in rural Gujarat. The institute broadened its repertoire, by carrying out open heart surgeries, angiographies and angioplasties with a prolific success rate.

Bhaktivedanta Hospital Mira Road, Thane District:k8体育,k8体育官网,k8体育平台 Apar Group has been associated with the setting up of this general hospital for economically weaker section of the populace.

Hospital at Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh:k8体育,k8体育官网,k8体育平台 The Apar Group has been instrumental behind the setting up of this fully-equipped hospice for terminally ill patients.


Apar has taken a keen interest in instituting mid-day meal programmes across rural villages and schools in Maharashtra state, feeding over 600,000 children a day,(12,00,000 children a day -pan-India) six days a week, all year round , as well as providing medical aid, clothing, books and other educational amenities.

Helping hand

Late Dr. N.D Desai was a trustee of the century-old Lady Northcote Hindu orphanage which focuses on improving the basic living conditions orphans in a verdant setting at Wada (near Thane).
During the year review, the company has contributed to the:

  • Sister Nivedita Foundation, Rajkot for their ‘Sister Nivedita School on wheel’ programme
  • Gujarat Methodist Church Cardiac Care & Research Society, Nadiad for the purchase of a cardiopulmonary bypass pump
  • Indian Development Foundation, Mumbai for the construction of the IDF centre for Excellence at Bangalore
  • Global Foundation, Mumbai for providing, education and health-related and support to the underprivileged children and other community work taken by them.
  • Policy on Corporate Social Responsibility