There are innovations.
And then there are innovations that solve real problems.

We, at APAR, believe in the latter. We always have our ear to the ground which helps us gain unique insights into shifting market dynamics. We then turn these insights into innovative, out-of-the-box solutions that solve real business problems.

At APAR, innovative solutions are not only about products; these can be a new sales channel or a new process that makes the entire operation more efficient.

Here is an example of how our innovative thinking helped us transform our own business.

Back in the 1980s, when APAR started manufacturing bulbs and tubes, it faced a slew of challenges: higher cost of production, no channel partner support, no funds to advertise.

The APAR team came up with unique solutions to each of these problems. It manufactured low-cost, longer-lasting bulbs (250V) & tubes (with a triple coil):
a real product differentiator. It also made these available in local kirana and general stores in addition to hardware shops to solve the channel partner issue.

The result?

k8体育,k8体育官网,k8体育平台 By the 1990s, APAR was the second largest player in the market.