PTFE Micropowder

Apar has developed advanced processing technology, set up custom production equipment and also an Alpine Hosokowa Jet Mill, and state-of-the-art R&D laboratory along with its Electron Beam irradiation facility with suitable handling equipments to process PTFE to convert to micronized powder.

Poly-tetra-fluoro-ethylene (PTFE) is one of the slipperiest materials known to man。 PTFE micro powders are popular additives in many industrial materials (solid or liquid) whose properties or end use are improved with the addition of PTFE’s unique characteristics。 With its extremely low coefficient of friction, PTFE micro powders can enhance the appearance, improve abrasion resistance, and reduce mechanical wear and surface contamination of many materials。 To be useful as an additive to other materials, it must be incorporated in it micronized form homogenously。 PTFE micro powders are effective within operating temperatures from as low as -100°C to +250°C。

The processed PTFE as micronized powder finds application in Inks & Coatings, Lubes and Greases, Elastomers, Personal Care products, and many more applications like manufacture of PTFE Rods, sheets and components. Some of the Applications for PTFE powders for property enhancement are:

  • Coatings: Enables non-stick coatings and Improves wear and abrasion resistance
  • Lubricants & Grease: Increases wear and abrasion resistance and useful in high temperature applications
  • Printing Inks and Premium Paints: Improves rub resistance
  • Thermoplastics: Improves wear resistance in molded parts
  • Elastomers: Improves abrasion and tear resistance

Apar offers PTFE powder in various particle sizes ranging from 2µ to 200µ as per customer requirements and application. For printing Ink, the lower particle size (ranging from 5µ to 10µ) is required, whereas Lubricants & Grease may require particle size 50µ to 75µ, and for moulded components it may require particle size of about 200µ. The smaller the particle size, price is higher due to precise processing and lower yield.

E-Beam Irradiated

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